Why You Should Use Smart DNS Proxy


When crossing borders to other countries or when travelling around the country, American consumers might start noticing connectivity problems with their favorite streaming service provider. Well, that scenario happens every day, to those who are within geo-restricted countries. Whether it is Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, ABC, or CBS, all of them have placed certain regional restrictions, which prevent people in certain countries from accessing them. This smart DNS proxy review provides you with more reasons why you should be using smart DNS proxy.


Unblocking Premium Cable Channels

Many premium cable channels as well as TV networks have a tendency of locking out downloads, viewing or full access to anyone who is not within the US and the UK. Therefore, if your IP address is not originating within those countries, it will be automatically blocked. Therefore, without a proper proxy address, you might not be able to access such content. On the other hand, if you happen to be a US resident and you travel to another country, you might not be able to follow your favorite TV shows, which can be very frustrating. Smart DNS proxies help to bypass all these restrictions.

It is faster than VPNs

Previously, VPNs were the main channels used to browse or surf anonymously. However, VPNs have to encrypt data or information, before it can be sent through a server. People soon realized that they were too slow, resulting to slow streaming and downloading content. Smart DNS proxies were born because of this. They provide the same access like VPNs, but they are much faster. Unlike VPNs, they don’t need to encrypt information. All they do is place your IP in the country you want to access content from, and you are good to go.

Compatibility with Different Devices

Smart DNS proxies can be used on PCs, consoles and various mobile devices. Whether you want to enjoy games on your PS4, or you just want to stream your favorite TV shows from Netflix or Hulu, smart DNS proxies give you all the freedom to achieve that. Additionally, you can do that on your smartphone, desktop computer, laptops, iPads, and even Amazon Kindle. This is quite helpful, since it means that you can use your smart DNS proxy to watch content regardless of the device or the operating system.

Browse Without Advertisements

You might not be aware of this but there are various companies, which track and record your online searches and activities. These firms then sell this information to marketing companies and advertisers. When this happens, your system or browser will be bombarded with inappropriate or unnecessary advertisements, whenever you are surfing. Such advertisements can be very frustrating not to mention time wasting. If you can manage to hide your advertisement using smart DNS proxies, your information will remain confidential and you will not experience those unwanted ads on your system.

Safe Internet Access

Some people think that they can just use any proxy available on the internet, to access blocked content, and swap them when they wish. Although this method might be cost effective, you just don’t know who is holding your surfing records. This means that your important passwords and usernames might be in the wrong hands. They can also be seen by different online users, whenever they re-route your traffic through their servers. The good news is that smart DNS proxies are among the safest. Like previously highlighted, they don’t retain your browsing information. Smart DNS proxies also set up your IP address in multiple countries. This means that you can access content from different countries at the same time without restrictions.

Final Words

Most of the geo-restricted streaming services, detect the IP you are streaming from, which means that they can easily identify your location. When faced with such a situation, a smart DNS proxy can prove to be very useful. Whether your main priority is streaming content from geo-restricted service providers, or you are a US resident that wants to access your local TV networks when abroad, a smart DNS proxy makes it convenient and easy. Additionally, a reliable proxy is always a great idea for anonymous and secure online surfing, especially when using public networks.