Did you know that you can get allergic to the quirkiest things? Personally I recently realised that I was allergic to latex in condoms. Instead of using ordinary condoms, I know have to use latex-free condoms instead. That is okay and I can deal with that. But, I am not the only girl at London escorts with allergies. Since I openly started to talk about my latex allergies, many of the other girls I work with at the most elite London escorts agency have started to open up about their own allergies.

Why do we get allergies? We get allergies for all kinds of reasons. The most common allergies are food allergies and we have a fair view of those at our London escorts service. One of the girls I work with is allergic to strawberries and then I have another friend who is allergic to tomatoes. She has to be really careful when she goes out on London escorts business dates to make sure that she does not eat raw tomatoes. Funnily enough, she is okay when she is eats cooked tomatoes.

Another girl I work with is allergic to nickel. Unlike the rest of us London escorts, she can’t wear any bling at all. Instead, she has to make sure that she wears nice jewelry all of the time. Fortunately for her, she dates some really nice guys and they like to spoil her. Out of all of the girls at our London escorts agency, I am sure that she has the nicest jewellery but that is only because she has really nice clients that look after her.

Then we have Diamond. She is a lovely girl who has been working for our London escorts agency for a long time. Unfortunately she is allergic to all of the traffic fumes and other pollution here in London. For the last few years, she has had to carry an inhaler with her all of the time. That is not really a problem, but I think that some of the men she dates finds it a little bit off-putting. The poor thing can’t help it and I often ask her to make sure that she has her inhaler with her on our nights out.

Allergies are more common than they were years ago. There are several theories behind that. The main influencing factor is thought to be pollution. Not only is the food that we eat very polluted and full of junk, but the air we breathe is bad as well. I know many London escorts who try to get out of the city at weekends to make sure that they get some fresh air. It is not a bad thing, and I have started to spend weekends away from London myself. When I come back, I always feel better. We really need to do something about the air quality in London and in other parts of the UK.

The use of condoms might be an allergy but it is certainly worth the use and nowadays there is hardly any less pleasure.

Quirky Things That You Can Get Allergic To
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