After my marriage was over, I started to date London escorts once again. I am saying once again as this is something that I used to do in my youth. During my marriage I had stayed faithful to my wife, but when it ended, I realised how much I had missed the companionship of the pretty girls from the London escorts service that i used in central London. To make sure that I would not be tempted by London escorts during my marriage, I had not even checked out the best outcall escorts agency website.

I knew if I did that, I would be tempted to give them a call, and perhaps even sneak off with one of the girls from the agency for a little while. But I was a good boy and all through my marriage I did manage to put them to the back of my mind. When did things change? I think that things started the day after I realised my marriage was over. Fortunately I had kept my old flat in London, and as there was not a tenant in it at the moment, I moved out of our home and into my flat. I knew that my divorce would cost me a small fortune anyway, so I just decided to roll with it. Before I knew it, I was checking out the London escorts agency website, and it did not take me very long to find the perfect girl for me. The girl that had caught my eye was one of the stunning girls that I had ever seen at a London escorts service.

Even before I gave the agency a call, I felt my heart beating faster in my chest and a certain throbbing in my loins. Maria with her chestnut coloured hair and perky lips was exactly the sort of girl I used to hook up with before my marriage. She had one of the hottest and sexiest figures that I had ever seen, and to me she looked like the perfect remedy for my aching soul. Fortunately for me she worked as an outcall escort, and it did not take very long for her to turn up. Out of all of the London escorts I had dated in the pst, I could only say that her presence was amazing.

A couple of hours later, I realised that I had done the unforgivable and fallen in love with a girl from a London escorts service. Was this something that I really needed? I was not sure but I know that I had been starved of love and romance during my marriage. Maria and I started to meet up on a regular basis, and I could feel my stress and frustrations float away. Yes, I was in love with a London escort, but in the greater scheme of things, did it really matter? I did not think so, and I just focused on enjoying the company of my sexy lady.

I didn’t mean to fall in love with her

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