Well since women are unable to produce as much semen as their male counterparts during ejaculation, it is believed that squirting is their version of hitting their sexual peak. Here is all you need to know about squirting.

How to squirt

There are normally two ways to make a woman squirt. The first one is to go down on her. Cunnilingus is one of the easiest way to make a woman quickly orgasm. If you can give her a few good tongue strokes, then she will be up and about squirting like fuck according to London Escorts.

The second way to make her squirt is by creating an intense pressure and friction in the vaginal walls with the penis. The walls have lots of clitoral tissue which transfer pressure onto the clitoris when you rock your penis against the walls. Every thrust should always count if you wish to make a woman squirt in bed. You will only make her squirt if you thrust hard and last long enough.

Positions to get her squirting

Advanced doggy has the power to make her squirt. Assume the normal doggy style then guide her head down so that it lies on the bed. Her ass should be in the air. Put a pillow underneath her stomach and let her rest on it. Thrust downwards and hard. Make the pace consistent. Do this for at least 5 minutes and she will explode according to London Escorts.

G-sport missionary also does the trick. You should assume the normal missionary position then place both her legs over your shoulders. Place a pillow on her lower back and her ass should just be off the bed. Thrust hard and with a consistent pace

Girl on top can change the game. Ask her to sit on top while you sit on a chair. She should lean back and hold onto the edge of the chair. She should arch her back while at it. She will do all the work but encourage her to go harder according to London Escorts.

Tips to make her squirt

Always heat things up with a quality foreplay. Leak her nipples and go down on her clit. Make sure she is mourning and breathing heavily before you go in with the cock. Remember that a combined clitoral and vaginal stimulation is the best technique according to London Escorts. It is also important to understand that a relaxed position is the key to squirting. So the bed or the couch should be very comfortable. Using enough lube on a woman also makes the vaginal walls less painful when giving vigorous thrusts according to London Escorts.



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