Sometimes I am really busy at Finchley escorts from and I ask my dates if they would like to come around Sunday dinner time. The answer is always no and it seems that most of my dates are too busy eating dinner. I have been living in the UK for a few years now but I still have not got my head around the concept of Sunday dinner. It seems that every week you Brits need to have your Sunday dinner, and it just has to consist of some sort of roast meat.


My boyfriend is English and whenever I have a Sunday off from Finchley escorts, he would like me to cook him Sunday dinner. I don’t have a clue how to do it, and to be honest, roast potatoes is beyond me. First you have to boil them, and then you put them in the oven with oils or butter. You roast them until they are almost burned and then you eat them. I don’t understand why you need to treat the humble potato like that. It is actually very healthy without the roasting and the butter.


Vegetables are always over cooked. Personally I like my vegetables more or less cooked, a bit Al Dente as they are called in restaurant. Whenever we go around to my boyfriend’s mom she has more or less cooked the vegetables until they are pureed. It is a rather unusual experience. I like to eat fresh vegetables that have been lightly prepared as it keeps me fit for my work at Finchley escorts. Vegetables done English style probably has very little nutritional value of any at all. To most foreigners like me, this is a very strange way of cooking and enjoying a meal.


The meat is also overdone. My boyfriend loves roast beef but it has to be more or less burned. I love to cook as my friends at Finchley escorts know, but I am certainly having a tough time getting used to cooking English style. Eating meat is clearly good for you but I hate to say, but I hate overcooked meat. I am not so sure that is good for you at all, and I think it is better to eat meat that has been lightly cooked and is a lot fresher. But then again, most English Finchley escorts seem to like roast dinners.


I have to admit that I am sort of a fishy girl. Most of the escorts like to keep themselves slim and healthy, and one of the best ways to do so is to eat healthy meals. Meat is okay but I cannot enjoy too much of it. My ideal diet would be rice, fish and vegetables but that seems to be hard to get into people’s heads. My boyfriend’s mom knows that I do not like too much meat so she makes sure that she has a bit of fish for me. My boyfriend laughs at me, and my boyfriend’s dad thinks that I am too skinny. That night be but I do like to enjoy a nice and healthy diet.

English people seem to love Sunday dinner – Finchley escorts
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