For the past ten years 55-year-old Charlie has felt a void that he couldn’t fill. Ten years ago his wife Maria died unexpectedly in a fatal car crash. Her death left him with a home, a dog, and a broken heart. Charlie couldn’t do the bars or clubs because he was never much for the social scene. He tried, and failed, with numerous online dating apps. This was mainly because no woman could ever make him feel the way Maria did. However, while he really wasn’t interested in a relationship, he still had sexual needs. Charlie would touch himself, but that was getting boring.

He yearned for a female’s touch, but was feeling beat up and every bit of 55. He didn’t think that he could find a woman truly interested in sleeping with him. So he decided that he would hire an escort from https://londonxcity/escorts to fulfill his needs. So he went to his computer and checked out the site. As soon as he started looking through the photos he knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted someone that reminded him of Maria. And he found her….

Her name was Tia. She had blonde hair and was about the same height as Maria. She was built with curves in all the right places; just like Maria. She was warm and inviting. Her sweet smile made Charlie feel as if he was on a normal “date.” They went out for a few drinks and then went back to his home. Suddenly, the isolated and lonely home didn’t feel as abandoned and desolate. Tia seductively stroked his lap, trailing her fingers upward toward his belt. Charlie’s heart was pumping quickly and he became instantly aroused. He could smell the lavender on her. She was so sweet and convincing.

Her eyes told him “I want to get wild with you,” and after a little bit of teasing, the two went up to his bedroom. Charlie felt like the luckiest man on Earth. He embraced her, she embraced him, and the two of them engaged in a long yet passionate stage of intimacy. Tia made Charlie feel ten years younger, the same feeling he felt when he was with the love of his life. They parted ways with Charlie being 100% satisfied with Tia’s performance. And from then on, Charlie and Tia meet up regularly on Fridays.

An Escort To Meet His Desires

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