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Most girls who work for Heathrow escorts tend to be very skinny, but do the girls focus in exercising for weight loss. Most of the Heathrow escorts from that I have spoken to says that it is often too easy to become too skinny. One of the girls says that she does not do any exercises apart from house cleaning and walking. Maybe we all underestimate the simple exercises in life such as walking and cleaning the house.

Did you know that if you really put your back into walking, you can burn off at least 10 calories per minute? Keep that pace up for 60 minutes and you have lost about 600 calories. Amanda from Heathrow escorts of London says that is not the only thing that is so great about walking. When you walk, you will not only burn a lot of calories, but you will tine up at the same time. Since Amanda started to walk for 30 minutes twice a day, she has noticed that she has really toned up.

What about house cleaning? Sara from Heathrow escorts in London has a good friend who owns a cleaning company in London. On occasion, Sara will moonlight for her and help to clean a home on the weekend. Vacuuming the floor can really take it out of you says Sara, and I use my extra earnings opportunity with my friend’s company, to keep fit as well letting it give me a chance to earn some extra cash, it is a great combination if you know what I mean.

Cycling is not that easy for me says Gemma. I have really short legs and I have a special teenage bike that I use, but it is hard for me to keep up with people on adult bikes. I am forever asking them to slow down. A couple of the other girls at Heathrow escorts in London have got the same problem, so we do try to go cycling together at least once a week. Cycling gives tour legs a great work out and I have found since I started cycling, that my legs look really good.

Can it be hard to fit in all of the exercise that you need fit for Heathrow escorts in London? It can be tough, says Sara. I am grateful for my little Saturday job with my friends. It gives me a reason to go into work, make some money and exercise at the same time. The extra money is a fantastic incentive. Would I exercise if it was not for the money? I guess that I would and I would be more than happy to do so. But he fact that you can exercise and earn money is something that I think most ladies would like the idea of when it all comes down to it. I love it, and I keep thinking that we should perhaps have a part time jobs that keeps us fit as well as lines our pocket a little bit.…

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Are you one of those guys who like to gather up your mates and go to London on a boys’ holiday? If you have not discovered the ultimate way to have fun in London yet, let me tell you all about. No visit to London is complete without dating London escorts. Are they prostitutes? No, London escorts are not prostitutes but they are girls who like to have fun, and trust me, they really do know how to have fun.


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